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Conscious Parenting Workshop

Stop feeling frustrated and start connecting with your kids! Learn the easiest and most effective ways to raise happy, self-aware kids.


Conscious Parenting Workshop

Get the tools you need to connect with your kids on a deeper level so you can make conscious choices about how you parent.


Conscious Parenting Workshop

Uncover the root causes of your struggles as a parent so you can go from feeling overwhelmed to enjoying your parenting journey.


About Me

I help parents connect with their children so they can stop parenting in survival mode and start enjoying their parenting journey. I am a certified Montessori Guide with 2 certifications. My leadership roles in education include roles as an assistant school Director, a Head of school and owner of a Montessori school. I have also facilitated events for AMI USA headquarters for teachers and Head of schools with over 2,000 participants each year and have even been an International Consultant for Higher Ground Education, for more than 90 schools.

As a Conscious Parenting Coach and an International Keynote speaker, I have been able to transform parenting journeys through Conscious Parenting for thousands of people all over the world.

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Learn to connect with the best version of you so you can bring the best out of your kids. I can teach you how. I am one of the most renown conscious parenting coaches in the world!


  • "Val has a deep understanding of how children learn and how parents can facilitate the process. Her insights have helped my husband and I navigate stressful situations with our children with positivity, and mindfulness. We are raising 5 boys and we are enjoying them so much more now that we have the tools we need to connect with them"

    Margarita Eberline

  • "Val is the real deal! Her understanding of personal development, as it applies to both children and adults, is unsurpassed.  She speaks, trains and coaches with passion and with the precision of someone who knows how to lead to the next higher level.  Her integrity, her talent, her command of communication and her genius makes her an invaluable contribution to any organization."

    Bob Lancer

  • "Over the past 20 years I have witnessed Val empower children and parents to live joyful and peaceful lives. Her passion for helping families is evident in her inspirational lessons and talks. Her thoughtful coaching helps parents and teachers guide their children with integrity, purpose and intention. Val is a gift to our school and to the families who work with her. I highly recommend Val as an educator and parenting coach."

    Anne Sorenson

Raising happy, healthy kids is easy if you know how.

The conscious parenting techniques you will learn in this workshop will help you connect with your kids and enjoy them more than you ever thought was possible. Register now to secure your spot. Space is limited!



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